2x’s Day Weekly AM PM Supplement Travel Case

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HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT: ZZTeck brings you this Extra-Large Pill Box. You can open each compartment with an EASY-OPEN PUSH BUTTON. When you close these, they STAY CLOSED. The pop-up tops securely snap shut to keep your pills safe.

AVOID PILL DETERIORATION FROM THE EXPOSURE OF LIGHT: Research shows some medications may be degraded by light exposure. Our rainbow color drug divider is kept covered with a PU LEATHER CASE while providing the extra benefit of ADDED PRIVACY. Having a WHOLE WEEK divided by time of day (AM/PM) makes pill schedule management simple & precise. Each compartment of this vitamin dispenser is clearly marked with big EASY TO READ letters. See-through lids will let you check doses with a glance.
AM-PM 7-DAYS PILL ORGANIZER: ZZTeck understands that wherever your travels may take you, it’s important for your medications to stay both organized and handy. SECURE & SAFE 7-day AM/PM weekly pill box set and holder case with 100% food-grade BPA-FREE materials. This travel medicine container can eliminate the worry of missed or doubled doses while being compact enough to slip into your purse, handbag, carry-on luggage, or pocket for quick and easy access.

STYLISH ANONYMITY: Be DISCREET with the fashionable and classic black leather (pu) carrying booklet style case. A simple, yet sturdy, MAGNETIC SNAP CLASP makes it easy for to open and close this protective binder. ZZTeck’s medication or supplement organizer has a LARGE DOSE CAPACITY and still remains compact enough to be IDEAL FOR TRAVEL. It fits in a purse, briefcase, or carry-on bag. The inner clear pocket is a great place for emergency contact information or a medical schedule.


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