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Hi, everyone! Thank you for joining me here at luxurytravelgiftswomen.com. My name is Corey and I excited you are here.


I am a self-proclaimed road warrior, traveling several times a month for work and pleasure. Throughout these experiences, I have realized nothing can beat having the right accessories, bag or luggage to make my trip easy and enjoyable. I have road-tested suitcases, totes and an untold number of travel gadgets and accessories, all proclaimed to be the latest and greatest travel companion.

As the years have rolled by, I have come to realize what truly makes a functional, practical and fashionable addition to my travel gear may be or may not be readily apparent when shopping the numerous website and internet stores available. Recently, my trusty suitcase, one that had made trips across the US and around the world several times, finally made it known it needed to be inducted into the suitcase Hall of Fame.

As I began my search for its replacement, I realized there are too numerous to count options that may or may not address a woman traveler’s most pertinent concerns and requirements. Thus, the birth of luxurytravelgiftswomen.com was born. This site is the sum of my curation efforts to scout out the best, most effective and efficient and fashion-forward travel gear for the road warrior woman. Each product has been tested and approved by me.


I want to help the woman traveler find and secure the best in travel gear and assist their respective gift-givers in purchasing the most luxurious and practical travel gifts for their woman road warrior. 


My goal would be to provide an attention-getting, luxurious and functional curated collection of travel gear and accessories and provide fact-filled and useful content for the woman traveler.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Corey Murteza

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